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Marvin Harris


Marvin Harris was interviewed in 1984 by series producer Hazel Henderson, together with futurist James Robertson for an episode called "Post Industrial Futures." This clip is used by permission of Hazel Henderson and Bullfrog Films, and can be purchased from Bullfrog Films.

Read the transcript of the entire program here.

Clip 1: The Cults

Harris discusses cults and Protestant fundamentalism.
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Clip 2: Hyperindustrial society

The industrialization of goods and services... has brought about enourmous changes...
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Clip 3: Centralization

Harris notes the dependence of our centralized economy on high technology.
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Clip 4: As an anthropologist, I've spent my whole life..

Harris discusses his life's work.
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CBS Nightwatch

Marvin Harris was interviewed by Charlie Rose in a segment aired November 27, 1989.

Clip 1: It would be very strange if there weren't some degree of homosexuality in human societies...

Harris remarks on the acceptance of homosexuality in most cultures,
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Clip 2: I'm interested in demonstrating the underlying unity of human beings rather than stressing the differences.

Harris discusses cultural convergence.
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Clip 3: Girl babies are given as much care as boy babies in the United States, and that hasn't always been the case.

Harris on male-female life expectancies.
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Clip 4: Where do we get religion?

Harris explains that dreams, trances, and drug experiences contribute to the concept of the soul.
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